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Would $500 Extra Income In Your Bank Account This Month Make A Significant Dent In Your Transgender Medical Expenses?

If you're finding it a struggle to pay your regular bills without the ever increasing monthly bills for: HRT, electrolysis, gender therapy, breast augmentation, top surgery, maintaining two wardrobes, doctors' appointments laboratory work, then use this webinar to identify and pursue a side hustle ideal for your geographical location, time available as well as your skills and work experiences!

  • Keep In Mind That Your Webinar Take Away Includes:
  • Learning how to search for legitimate side hustles in your city that allow you to take advantage of your spare time at night, or in the mornings, or weekends for a work schedule convenient to your day job.
  • Having one or more side hustles gives you options invaluable for transgender employees seeking to maintain their standard of living in hostile work enviroments or the whims from supervisors with issues towards your on-the-job transition
  • There isn't much information available on side hustles for transgender people. Use our transgender specific information where your skills and work background puts you on a level playground with non transgender employees.
  • People in mid-transition dealing with office politics and who have steady side hustles are less afraid of losing their jobs because there is a Plan B option for peace of mind.
  • Learn the basic skills of money management of your Side Hustle so that your investment of time is productive in putting significant amounts of side hustle money into your bank account.
  • Use our six point checklist for evaluating side hustle opportunities.
  • And much more ...

If you are transgender, this money making webinar shows you where to find side hustles, some typical earnings (depending upon your location) and what specific information you might need to get started